Replica Cartier Lighter Black with Silver Painting Case

# Cartier-Lighter-18053105
Replica Cartier Lighter Black with Silver Painting Case

Best Replica Cartier Cigar Lighter Black Painting For Sale

Black Plated with Silver Painting Case Black Plated Cap Replica Cigarette Lighter

Item specifics

  • Dimension: L60mm*W30mm*H10mm.
  • Color: Black with Silver Painting Case Black Cap Replica Cigar Lighter
  • Quality: 1:1 high copy.
  • Material: Solid Stainless Steel - Very heavy and strong construction.
  • Weight: Weight to exact original
  • Box: Comes with complete set of box for free.
  • Reminder: According to the Postal Rules, we will ship the lighter without gas inside because the gas is tinder, prohibition for shipping.

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